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Publish Date - August 13, 2020

Author: Mary Williams

Categories:   Useful Automotive Information   

How to Lift Your Truck

Lifting a truck is surely not an easy task. If you have a truck, then you might know the real struggle and process too. But if you just got yourself a truck and are figuring out how to lift your truck?

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Lifting a truck is surely not an easy task. If you have a truck, then you might know the real struggle and process too. But if you just got yourself a truck and are figuring out how to lift your truck? Then here you are.

There are two ways you can lift your truck. Both ways are very simple to understand and easy to perform as well.

1) Lifting the truck with the help of lift kit

The tools that you need to install lift kit for a truck are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Vehicle jack stand
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Lugh wrench
These are the basic utmost important tools that are needed compulsorily to lift a truck.  It is advisable to keep a pry bar and a hammer handy for safer side and at times of emergency. Lift kits raise the vehicle from the body and increase the distance between axles and chassis. You can also use oil to loosen the joints and bolts. If anyway, you find it difficult to lift the truck using a lift kit, then it is advisable to take the truck at a repair store.

Do’s and Don’ts of lift kits for truck

Do Don't
Do purchase a new lift kit from a very reputed brand Do not use the same lift of any unknown brand without reliability.
Do get professional’s help in installing the lift kit Do not try out on your own if you are a beginner and do not have any ideas. Just assuming the process will make a blunder.
Do research on the size, material, and no of inches that the kit will lift up your car. Don’t buy a random loft kit as the size, inches, and material differs. 

2) Lifting the truck without using a lift kit

There also ways to lift the truck without using a lift kit, read below to know-how:

1. Use torsion keys:
You have to invest in a good quality torsion key. It easily raises 1.5 inches. Also, the torsion key works great along with the truck’s suspension system. Make sure you get a torsion key that has the same factory settings to avoid every time adjustments.

2. Invest in body lift:
Body lift is generally cheaper than lift kits. Using body lift, one can lift the truck up to 3 inches. Body lift creates a particular gap that is very essential to get filled, and thus the process takes time. It is advisable to use a spacer and bracket to handle the space issues. Otherwise, a body lift is a great option to lift the truck.

3. Having air shocks: Air shocks are considered to be the best for those who are looking for 2 inches lift. Air shocks are very compatible with trucks, and it is super easy to install them too. The only important note is that do not try to exceed the lift from 2 inches else the air shocks will give out, and you won’t be able to drive your truck too. It is better not to risk at all and lift the truck up to 2 inches only when you use air shocks.

How to lift your truck at home

This step by step guide will be a savior for all the drivers who want to lift their truck at home and do not wish to take them to a garage. This is the general lift up process that one can perform, but if anyway you are not able to complete the process or feel like nothing has affected, then you must contact your mechanic.

  1. You need to remove the negative battery cable.
  2. Now loosen the lug nuts to make it easy for removing tires.
  3. With the help of jack and jack stand, raise your truck properly at the center of gravity.
  4. Now remove the wheels and keep them aside.
  5. Also, remove the tires and old nuts/bolts along with shocks and springs.
  6. Now you will need to attach the new shocks and springs and attach it with the new bolts.
  7. Take a torque wrench to tighten all the bolts and perfect the specifications too.
  8. Simply attach a set of bigger tires then what you had earlier.
  9. Carefully and slowly lower the vehicle and maintain the ground level.
And here you are done. All you need are the tires of your desired size. Of course, the result that you obtain using a lift kit differs, but this method is undoubtedly useful.

Bottom Line:

Trucks are huge, and lifting trucks can actually enhance the appearance and performance of a truck. After lifting, the truck can be driven on different road conditions. So if you are planning to lift your truck, then it is a great step, and you must look out for the best-suited ways. Above mentioned are the ways you can lift the truck. Also, it is very affordable to do the process with a lift kit. I hope this guide can help you lift your truck.