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Publish Date - December 31, 2018

Author: Greg Thibodeau

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Import Car Loans

Finding an Import Car Loan

For more than a century, import cars have been showing up on our shores. It wasn't really until the late fifties that our domestic automakers saw import cars as a threat when they started to compete with the Falcon, Comet and Valiant.

Remember how difficult it was to get service or parts for an import car? Let alone an import car loan? That is not true today.

Applying for an Import Car Loan

Like most new or used car loans, getting approved for an import car loan can be fairly easy if you follow these simple tips.

When it comes to buying an import car it is helpful to know exactly what model, color, and equipment you desire in your new or used vehicle.

Each auto financing application is evaluated individually. With for example, we will present you with at least four loan options for you to choose from once you complete an application. That way you can compare and pick the best loan before you purchase your import car. Even better, you are better prepared in negotiating a price for your import car at the dealership or broker.

Import Car Loan Documentation

While financing documentation varies from lender to lender, every lender must have detailed information. However, myAutoloan has streamlined the qualification process.

Some of the documentation that you will be required to supply while applying for your import car loan may include but is not limited to: a copy of current driver's license, agreement to provide insurance, personal references and pay stub with current year-to-date earnings.

Online Import Car Loans

Remember, if you know what you want and where your credit score stands, you have a better feel for what you can expect from an import car loan. Another great option is to consider an online auto loan especially when looking for a specialty vehicle such as an import. Besides researching the car, check on insurance and know that sometimes it's hard to find service and parts for an import car. can help you with all your import car choices.