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Is Buying a Motorcycle in the Winter a Good Idea?

Except for those living in warm climates, riding a motorcycle is a seasonal activity. For most people buying a motorcycle in the winter when they can’t enjoy it may sound like a bad idea. Is it?


Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, exciting, and weather dependent. Rain can certainly cause it to be less enjoyable but ice and snow generally mean people put their bikes away and make more use of their vehicles. Except for those living in warm climates, riding a motorcycle is a seasonal activity.

In the winter months motorcycles bring little joy but bikes still require maintenance and storage. For most people buying a motorcycle in the winter when they can’t enjoy it may sound like a bad idea. However there are some benefits to buying a motorcycle in the winter.

The market is governed by supply and demand. When supply is higher than demand it’s a buyer’s market and that usually means a good time to purchase. Since most people are not thinking about buying a motorcycle while they’re shoveling snow this reduces demand while supply remains the same.

The reduction in people looking to purchase a motorcycle in the winter makes conditions favorable for a buyer’s market. You won’t be able to enjoy your purchase until the weather improves. You will have to find a safe place to store your new motorcycle in the meantime but there are some benefits to buying a motorcycle in the winter.

Fewer Buyers To Compete With

The colder weather isn’t the only deterrent for buyers. The winter months are a time when many people see higher expenses. The credit card bills start rolling in from all that holiday shopping and heating bills are added to the household costs.

During the first couple months of the year many people are awaiting their tax returns to catch up on bills. For most this boost of funds won’t materialize until early spring. People on a budget will be a lot less likely to incur additional debt and expenses until they can use their tax return to pay off their holiday bills and their financial situation stabilizes.

This means that those in a position to buy a motorcycle in the winter will have a lot less competition. Fewer buyers looking to make a purchase means a stronger bargaining position. You’re also a lot more likely to have the sales representative’s undivided attention and plenty of time to get all of your questions answered.

Hard Times For Dealerships

Buyers may not want to incur the expense of storing a motorcycle over the winter but dealerships don’t want that cost either. Every month that a bike sits on the showroom floor is costing the dealership money. This means a strong bargaining position for you and a dealer that’s a lot more willing to slash prices.

Dealerships generally close their fiscal year at the end of December. This is the time when the motorcycles left on the showroom floor are considered old stock. New models will be coming in with the coming of spring and dealerships are looking to unload the prior year’s models.

In the cold months motorcycle showrooms are a graveyard. A bird in the hand beats two in the bush and dealerships know this. They would prefer a buyer in the middle of winter over a potential customer who may pay more in the spring.

Service Has Dried Up

A large chunk of the profit that dealerships make doesn’t come from the sale of motorcycles. It comes from services performed in the shop as well as the sale of accessories. The start of the year generally sees a slump in both areas on top of dwindling motorcycle sales.

In the fall dealerships see an increase in service as people are preparing the motorcycles for storage. Similarly in the spring service increases because people are wanting to get their bikes road ready. The end of the year comes with an increase in sales on parts, accessories, and clothing purchased as gifts. The biggest slump is at the start of the year when nobody is spending their money at the dealership.

February Is Tough On Sales Staff

February is a short month during the slowest time of the year. For sales staff who work with a quota the month of February is automatically eight percent shorter on average. That means it might be a little easier to get a good deal if the salesman is struggling to meet a minimum quota.

Sales staff are people too and they have credit card bills and increased utility expenses to deal with in the winter just like everyone else. The cold months mean lower sales and less commissions for them on top of their own financial burdens. This is the time to push for a better price.

Buying Used Is Good Too

Buying a motorcycle in the winter is a good idea if you’re looking for a new bike or a used one. The first few months of the year can hit some people hard. Bills from the holidays and heating costs combine and make it a struggle for some and they may be looking to sell a bike to make ends meet.

These motorcycles are often in great condition and of high quality. Unlike the person who waits for the spring rush to sell, these bikes are often not sold for profit but out of necessity. At times of financial strain it’s the luxuries that get sacrificed first and that motorcycle may not seem so important when there are bills to pay.

While it may be sad to take a beloved motorcycle off someone’s hands you may be giving them the means to improve their situation. It might be a great new bike at a good price for you and a lifeline for someone who has fallen on hard times. And if you don’t buy it someone else will.

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