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Muscle Car Loans

Muscle Car Loans at

If your ideal car is powered by a large V-8 engine with lots of horsepower, with rear-wheel drive, in a small to medium-size vehicle with an affordable price, then you'll need a muscle car loan.

Unlike the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's, a new muscle car is only limited to how fast you want to go and how much you wish to spend.

Traditional muscle car enthusiasts tend to look for older makes and models.

Top 10 Muscle Cars According to different sources:

Top 10 Muscle Cars According to

  1. Ford Mustang (1965-1970)
  2. Pontiac GTO (1968-69)
  3. Chevrolet Corvette (1958-68)
  4. Lincoln 4-door Convertible (1963-67)
  5. Cadillac Convertible (1960 - 1970s)
  6. Shelby Cobra (289/427)
  7. Chevy Impala Convertible (1963-64)
  8. Ford Hot Rods (especially 1934 3 Window Coupe / Roadster)
  9. Pierce Arrow (Circa 1930s)
  10. Fords - Fairlane, T-Birds, Galaxie (Circa 1950s)

Top 10 Muscle Cars According to A&E

  1. Pontiac GTO (1964-70)
  2. Chevy Chevelle SS (1965-70)
  3. Ford Mustang Boss (1969-70)
  4. Plymouth Road Runner (1969-70)
  5. Plymouth Barracuda (1970-71)
  6. Pontiac Trans Am (1970-72)
  7. Chevy Camaro (1967-79)
  8. Dodge Charger (1969-70)
  9. Oldsmobile 442 (1968-70)
  10. Chevy 409 (1962-63)

According to Classic Corvette

  1. Chevy Chevelle LS6 454 CI (1970)
  2. Plymouth Hemi-Cuda 426 CI (1970)
  3. Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt 427 CI (1964)
  4. Buick Gran Sport Stage 1 455 CI (1970)
  5. Mustang Boss 429 CI (1969)
  6. Plymouth Hemi-Cuda 426 CI (1971)
  7. Corvette L71 Tri-Power 427 CI (1967)
  8. Dodge Charger R/T Hemi 426 CI (1969)
  9. AC Shelby Cobra 427 CI (1966)
  10. Mustang Mach I SCJ 428 CI (1969)

If you've already found your classic muscle car, it would be wise to follow these muscle car buying tips.

Tips for Buying a Used Muscle Car

  • Ask for the license, title, and registration
  • Match the 17 digit VIN number on the door, to the one on the hood, engine, and dashboard
  • Verify the seller's name on the license to that on the title
  • Research the car's history
  • Look for and ask about any accidents that the vehicle may have been involved in
  • Ask about alterations and flaws
  • Take the car for a test drive
  • Ask a mechanic to inspect the muscle car
  • Run a CARFAX history report on the VIN number for the used muscle car which is obtainable at

Where to Buy a Muscle Car

When shopping for a muscle car, the local newspaper is not the best place to look. Specialized publications and websites devoted to muscle car sales are great for listings and for finding excellent advice. Collectors' meets, car shows and club events are good sources for finding quality muscle cars for sale. Also, there are numerous auction companies with decent documentation that sell muscle cars.

Where to Find a Muscle Car Loan

Often times, used car dealers will arrange financing for a loan; however, you'd probably get a better APR if you looked for a muscle car loan online.

Resources, such as, will go beyond finding the most competitive muscle car loan. You can also shop for insurance, maintenance agreements, warranty contracts, or safety information. It's wise to know your budget and loan terms before you buy a muscle car. Remember, when applying for a loan to give yourself a little room for negotiating the price. Soon that muscle car will be in your driveway.