back to articles | December 31, 2018 | Greg Thibodeau

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New Car Dealers

Tips for working with new car dealers

What are some tips for working with new car dealers?

New Car Dealer Tip 1:
It should not cost you any more to order a new car than to buy one off the lot. You may run into problems with rebates or incentives, however. One thing to consider is if a rebate or incentive is scheduled to run out at approximately the same time your car is scheduled to be delivered, the dealer may delay delivery of your car. It happens but most dealers are honest and will work with you to avoid this situation.

New Car Dealer Tip 2:
Once you're at the dealership, stay within the price range that you can afford. Get pre-approved for your loan, and have your information with you in case you do find an auto you want to purchase. Consider carefully whether the transaction is best for your budget and transportation needs.

New Car Dealer Tip 3:
Understand the value and cost of optional products. If you don't want these products, don't sign for them. Read the contract carefully before you sign. You are obligated once you have signed a contract.

New Car Dealer Tip 4:
Plan to negotiate on price. Dealers may be willing to bargain on their profit margin, often between 10 and 20 percent.