back to articles | December 28, 2022 | Staci Bailey

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New Year, New You: 8 Reasons You Deserve a New Car

There are multiple advantages to buying a new car and this may just be the perfect time to start enjoying those perks.


It’s the time of year for new resolutions. Most people set their sights on goals such as losing weight, spending more time with family, or traveling more. Buying a new car may not be the most obvious new year’s resolution but it can drastically improve your life for the better.

The new year is a great time for a fresh start. There are multiple advantages to buying a new car and this may just be the perfect time to start enjoying those perks. Here are our top 8 reasons to buy a new car.

1. Take Advantage Of Modern Safety Upgrades

New cars are loaded with safety features that weren’t available a short while ago. New technologies are being developed and improved upon at an unprecedented speed. If you want the best modern safety features then a new car is your best option.

Vehicles are safer than ever. Most new cars have safety options available that can make it easier to drive and avoid collisions. Backup cameras, lane departure warnings, blind spot warning, and brake assist are just a few of the safety features available on modern cars.

2. Better Fuel Economy

Buying a new car can actually save you money! Comparatively speaking, older cars are gas guzzlers. New vehicles use gasoline more efficiently making them far more economical which translates to big savings at the pump.

Some modern vehicles use turbochargers, cylinder deactivation or valve timing and lift technologies to optimize performance. Hybrid vehicles utilize big technology such as stop-start and regenerative braking to get the most out of gasoline and bump up fuel economy. Or this might be the time to ditch the pumps all together and go electric.

3. Buying A New Car Is Easier Than Ever

The last few years have been challenging and many businesses have been forced to adapt. Covid restrictions made it necessary to find ways to sell cars while limiting contact with other people. Tech savvy dealerships have embraced online selling and services such as home delivery making it possible to buy a new vehicle without setting foot in a dealership.

Securing financing has become simpler too. Online services such as myAutoloan make it possible to shop around for a loan and compare prices without the need to go to a bank or other financial institution. You can even apply for the loan online and have the funds sent to you without leaving home.

4. A New Car That’s More In Line With Your Needs

If it’s been a while since you purchased a vehicle, chances are your life isn’t quite the same anymore. Does your car still fit your life? A growing family, new hobby, or change in lifestyle are just a few things that can affect what you look for in a vehicle.

Just as your life probably changed, your financial situation may also be different now than it was when you purchased your car. Did you improve your credit score, get a new job, or a raise? You may now be able to afford a vehicle that better suits your needs.

5. Lower Maintenance Costs

New or old vehicles require some regular maintenance such as oil changes, brake pad replacement, and new tires. While basic maintenance is inescapable, cars generally require more maintenance as they age. As a vehicle ages it needs bigger jobs to keep it running such as transmission maintenance and a radiator flush.

Parts wear out over time and your old car may need some more costly replacements. An older car may need new belts and hoses, suspension components, and a more thorough braking system maintenance. As a vehicle ages what falls under regular maintenance becomes more frequent and more costly.

6. Enjoy The Latest Features

There is no denying that new cars are packed with safety features that seemed impossible only a short while ago. While safety definitely comes first, modern vehicles have some other nice features you may enjoy. Rain sensing windshield wipers, automatic high beam headlights, and vehicle summon are just a few of the options available on new cars.

Smartphone connectivity is another area where new cars reign supreme with options such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wireless smartphone charging is another convenient feature to keep you connected on the road. New cars tend to be more accommodating to passengers with additional USB outlets for each row of seating.

7. Improved Reliability

For most people a running vehicle is a necessity. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, taking the kids to school, or picking up groceries a car is a valuable tool. If your old vehicle seems to be spending a lot of time in the mechanic’s garage, buying a new car may be a smart decision.

Not only are car repairs expensive, having an unreliable vehicle can cause you to incur other costs as well. You may be forced to miss time at work or pay for alternate transportation. If your car breaks down and you can’t pick up your kids on time you may have to pay for childcare. Not having a vehicle to go shopping can cause you to order out more often.

8. It’s OK To Treat Yourself

You work hard and you deserve to enjoy your money. Splurging on yourself every once in a while is exactly the kind of positive reinforcement that can help you stay motivated. Life is short and it’s important to get some enjoyment out of it.

If your car isn’t bringing you joy anymore, now might be the perfect time to buy something new. Whether your situation has changed or you need a set of wheels to reliably get you where you need to go, buying a new car may be your answer. If you consider the true costs of your old vehicle along with the ease of securing financing and buying a new car, splurging on a car that meets all of your needs may be the perfect solution for you.