back to articles | December 31, 2018 | Greg Thibodeau

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Pre-Approved Auto Financing

Pre-Approved Auto Financing Saves Time and Money

Buying a new or used cars comes with more than its share of hassles. Financing that car shouldn't be one of them. By seeking pre-approved auto financing, you eliminate the hassle of worrying about financing. You also walk into the dealership with knowledge and power that can save you money.

Pre-Approved Financing Provides Knowledge and Confidence

Once you have pre-approved auto financing, you have solved many of the problems involved in purchasing a new or used automobile. After being preapproved, you can walk into a dealership knowing exactly how much money you have to spend, and knowing exactly how much that financing is going to cost you over the term of the loan. Armed with this confidence, you will be able to negotiate a better, cheaper price for your car purchase.

Pre-Approved Financing Gives You Bargaining Power

With pre-approved auto financing, you are buying the new or used car with the same power as if you were buying the automobile for cash. Often, that will help you negotiate a lower price for a car.

Pre-Approved Financing Saves You Money

Pre-approved financing also eliminates one area of dealer profit. Dealers can make more profit by providing higher priced loans to consumers. You can save money by shopping for cheaper loans on the internet. At, for instance, you can compare loan prices from up to four online lenders. You simply fill out the easy online application, and choose the lowest financing rate from your offers. Remember, with pre-approved auto financing, you save time, money, and headaches.