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Rocky Mountain High? 6 Best Mountain Road Trips on a Motorcycle

Motorcycles leave little between you and your surroundings making the drive more immersive and the views more spectacular. What better backdrop to your motorcycle road trip than the Rocky Mountains?


Riding a motorcycle is a freeing experience. The wind in your hair, the open road, and all that power at your disposal make it easy to leave your cares behind. Motorcycles put very little between you and your surroundings making the drive more immersive and the views more spectacular.

What better backdrop to your motorcycle road trip than the Rocky Mountains? This mountain range stretches 3,000 miles in a straight line from the most northern point in Canada to the southern tip in New Mexico.The Rocky Mountains are the largest mountain system in all of North America and a popular destination for thrill seekers, adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and those looking for a getaway from the mundane.

Ready for a motorcycle road trip in the Rockies? Read on for six of our favorite mountain road trips to experience from a motorcycle.

1. Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Colorado

If you’re looking to take your motorcycle to the greatest heights then you should head to the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. This motorcycle road trip will take you high into the clouds to an elevation of 14,140 feet near the peak of Mount Evans. It is the highest paved road in North America with unbeatable views of the Rocky Mountains.

Situated in Colorado the Mount Evans Scenic Byway is 49 miles of breathtaking landscapes. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and is a National Forest Scenic Byway as well as a Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway. Make a pit stop at Echo Lake Park, the Mount Goliath Natural Area, the Dos Chappell Nature Center, and Summit Lake Park.

2. Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, Idaho

At 202 miles the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway is Idaho’s longest byway. It follows the route which Lewis and Clark explored along their way to the Pacific Ocean. This motorcycle road trip will take you along the Clearwater River and offers mountain views, wildlife viewing, and the history of 1800s American exploration.

Make a pit stop at the Nez Perce National Historical Park Visitor Center to tour the museum showcasing exhibits of clothing, tools, weapons, and ceremonial objects. The Lewis and Clark Canoe Camp is the very spot where Lewis and Clark camped and built the canoes for the remainder of their journey. You will also need time to view the sculptures, geological formations, as well as the two state parks of Hells Gate and Dworshak.

3. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

There are several legends of how the Million Dollar Highway got its name. It might be that it cost a million dollars per mile to build or it might be a reference to the million dollar views you’re sure to see. One story is that there is a million dollars worth of ore that remained in the road’s fill from its mining boom days.

Stretching between Silverton and Ouray in Colorado the Million Dollar Highway is 25 miles of the San Juan Skyway Colorado Scenic Byway. It is carved into the side of a mountain and offers dramatic views. This motorcycle road trip will take you up 3 high mountain passes, Coral Bank Pass, Molas Pass, and Red Mountain Pass.

4. Hot Springs Circle Tour, British Columbia, Canada

Take your motorcycle road trip north of the border into Canada for the well worth Hot Springs Circle Tour. You could easily spend a few weeks here exploring and relaxing with a backdrop of the pristine Kootenay Rockies. Wildlife, waterfalls, snowcaps, several national parks, and hot springs of course!

Stop for a wild west experience in the 1860s restored gold rush town Fort Steele Heritage Town. Visit the Stanley Glacier to see 500 million year old fossils. Take a stroll through Sandon, the historic gold rush ghost town. At the end of the day visit Creston and take a tour of its four wineries.

Have lunch at Eagle’s Eye Restaurant and you can say you’ve eaten at Canada’s highest dining establishment at an elevation of 7,700 feet. The Golden SkyBridge is the country’s highest suspension bridge and the views of the Columbia Valley below will take your breath away. The Kootenay Lake ferry is the longest free ferry ride in the world and a worthwhile pit stop on your motorcycle road trip.

5. Yellowstone-Grand Teton Loop, Idaho, Wyoming, & Montana

You would be wise to give yourself at least a week for this motorcycle road trip. The Yellowstone Grand Teton Loop is 263 miles traversing the majesty of Yellowstone, America’s first national park, as well as Grand Teton national park. On this adventure you will be treated to picture perfect vistas, abundant wildlife, and iconic sights.

One of the best features of this route is that it conveniently connects all of the classic gems of Yellowstone. Be sure to make a pitstop at the Mammoth Hot Springs as well as Fountain Pots. You can’t leave Yellowstone without a photo op with Old Faithful and keep an eye out for herds of buffalo too.

6. Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, Oregon & Idaho

The Hells Canyon Scenic Byway traverses the deepest canyon in North America. At 8,043 feet Hells Canyon is as far down as you can go without leaving the continent. Set before the backdrop of the Wallowa Mountains it’s sure to deliver the motorcycle road trip experience of a lifetime.

The Wallowa Mountains are the eastern spur of the Blue Mountain Range. Close cousin of the Rocky Mountains, the Blue Mountain range consists of snow capped peaks and 400 million year old rocks that appear blue from a distance. Situated at an elevation of 9,838 feet the highest point of the Wallowa Mountains is Sacajawea Peak and with such a large range of elevations, this region contains a variety of vegetation and animal species.

These six motorcycle road trips are sure to delight and amaze even the most discerning eyes. Pack a bag and hit the road for your next great adventure. These mountain views will not disappoint.

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