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Selling Online

Selling Your Car Online

Be it a car, SUV, truck or motorcycle, selling your car online has never been simpler. In recent years, consumers have been going online more and more for pricing and to locate the specific car they fancy.

Advantages of Selling Online

One of the advantages of selling your car online is that a world of information is available, literally. Prices and people are a mouse click away. You can compare prices by researching your make and model, the mileage, options, conditions and your location with those of similar vehicles. Your buyer could live around the corner or across the country.

Another advantage of selling your car online is that advertising online is cheaper then paper classifieds. Many auto websites offer free ads. There are even sites exclusively targeted to specific car buyers and sellers.

When you're selling your car online and someone expresses interest, you can then email these serious buyers with additional photos and maintenance reports. Selling your car online will save you a lot of time, money, frustration and legwork.

Steps to Selling Online

There are several steps to selling your car online. The first three are essential to a successful sell.

Selling Your Car Online: Step 1
First, determine what your car is worth and set a competitive price. Visit online pricing guides to find the true market value. We at, offer several of these resources online and are a quick click away. Remember, buyers are looking at the same guides you are so you'll want your price to be within reason.

Selling Your Car Online: Step 2
Clean your vehicle inside and out. This includes washing, waxing and detailing. Clear out the clutter from the interior and the trunk. Inspect it for dents and dings and we even suggest getting a mechanic's report to show potential buyers.

Selling Your Car Online: Step 3
Shoppers most likely will ask for any records to demonstrate how well the vehicle has been taken care of. A maintenance log of all your receipts for items such as oil changes, tire or battery replacement, can be a very helpful selling tool when selling your car online. It is also effective to offer a vehicle history report to ease the buyer concerns about whether the vehicle has been in a non-disclosed wreck, or stolen, in a flood or any other number of potential problems.

Selling Your Car Online: Step 4
Now you are ready to put your car ad online. Be sure to research the best online sites by noting the number of people that visit the sites. Once you have determined the hottest spots to sell your car, post a quality photo and a detailed description of your vehicle. If you can post multiple photos, we suggest adding pictures of the interior of your car as well as any special features.

Once your car ad is online, keep your records near the phone or computer and get ready to field questions. Soon you'll be on you way to negotiating and finalizing your sale just like you would have if you placed an ad in the paper.