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Spring Break Road Trip to Texas Coast: 2023 Guide

When most people think about Texas, they conjure images of epic BBQs, desert landscapes, and Stetson-toting cowboys. However, that is not all about Texas. Texas has a fantastic coastline that stretches for 367 miles.


If you are wondering how to spend spring break with your loved one, then a Texas coast road trip is the way to go. The Texas coastline is an oasis of ecosystems and adventures, teeming with numerous activities you will not get anywhere else. During this spring, give yourself time to collect colorful and rich experiences. Here is the ultimate guide for the best spring break road trip to the Texas coast.

Where to start your spring break road trip to Texas Coast on Day 1

South Padre Island is one of the best starting points for your road trip. It is located in the southern area of the extensive Texas Coast. However, you may begin at any destination that you want.

South Padre Island should be your starting point if you want to see every mile of the Texas coast. South Padre is an amazing place to explore, with stunning beaches, party hubs, and incredible outdoor activities. It is the perfect introduction to the southern area of the Texas coast.

Corpus Christi-Day 2 and 3

Corpus Christi will take you a 3-hour drive from South Padre. It is one of the premier places you can spend during your spring break road trip to the Texas coast. Corpus Christi has many attractions that you can enjoy. It is home to the original Whataburger, USS Lexington, Texas State Aquarium, and the popular Schlitterbahn water park.

Corpus Christi presents a place where you and your family can have fun on and off the beach. Two of the most popular beaches for families in Corpus are North Beach and McGee Beach. At the beaches, you can spend your day enjoying the ocean's sound, sunbathing, or building sandcastles.

You can also add an additional route to Lake Corpus Christi State Park. It is only 30 minutes away from Corpus Christi. The lake has amazing scenery you can enjoy. In addition, it has superb trails and presents an excellent place to fish and bird watch.

Mustang Island-Day 4 and 5

Mustang Island is only a 30-minute drive from Corpus Christi and boasts lush sandy beaches with 18 miles of shoreline. This Island is the perfect destination for you to unwind during your Texas coast road trip.

At its northernmost corner, you will find the Island's largest town Port Aransas. Port Aransas is a fabulous place to explore during your road trip. You can enjoy several water activities, natural preserves, and sunny beaches at this destination.

Galveston Island-Day 6 and 7

Galveston is 354 km away from Mustang Island and boasts 32 miles of the Texas coast. It will take you about 4.5 driving hours to get to the destination. In Galveston, you can enjoy a mixture of entertainment and history. This island city is a famous tourist destination because of its Moody Gardens and amazing architecture and culture.

On the Island's south shore is the popular Historic Pleasure Pire. It has restaurants, amusement rides, souvenir shops, carnival games, and a popping nightlife you can relish. In addition, Galveston is home to the Galveston Island State park, which is full of bayside trails, beaches, and boardwalks. You can enjoy your day bird-watching, boating, hiking, surfing, and swimming at this destination.

Houston-Day 8 and 9

Houston is only a 50 minutes drive away from Galveston. This destination provides the perfect place to end your trip, as Houston is one of the most vibrant and largest cities in the US. If you love experiencing different cultures, Houston is the place to be.

Houston is a museum district that boasts 19 museums that ensure you can appreciate contemporary art and natural history. In addition, the city features the Space Center Houston, which brings United States space explorations to the fingertips and wide eyes of children and adults.

If you have additional time, you can take a trip to Brazos Bend State Park. It is only 45 miles from Houston downtown. The park has plenty of trails and wildlife; you can enjoy fishing, riding, biking, hiking, and stargazing in this destination.

Spring break road trip to Texas coast safety tips

Apart from knowing the destinations to include in your itinerary, prioritizing safety is also essential. Many individuals are eager to explore and travel along the Texas coast during spring break. With this expected population influx, there may be many drivers on road trips, so it is good to be prepared. Here are some of the ways you can secure yourself for the ultimate road trip:

Pay attention to your tires

You will need to drive for miles on a road trip along the Texas coast. Therefore, one of the most critical tips for spring driving is to ensure that your tires do not have excessive signs of wear, have proper inflation, and have sufficient tire tread.

Prepare for traffic

Many travelers may take a road trip to the Texas coast during spring break, so expect to encounter many individuals on the road. Ensure you have an increased following distance, have plenty of gas, and prepare for delays.

Have an emergency kit

An emergency kit is a must-have when taking a road trip. Make sure to carry an unused gas can, flashlight, jumper cables, spare tires, and other necessary supplies in case of a breakdown. Also, do not forget drinks, snacks, and a medical kit.

Avoid driving while tired

Safe driving is essential when taking a road trip. Therefore, it would be best if you stay alert and awake. Sometimes energy drinks and coffee may not be enough to keep you awake, so have plenty of rest at night when taking the Texas coast road trip. If you get tired along the way, get your companion to drive or rest first.

Bottom Line

The Texas coast road trip presents one of the perfect ways to enjoy your road trip. From the stunning landscapes to the magnificent beaches, you are bound to have the best time possible during your road trip.

Driving your own car is a much cheaper way to travel for your road trip to Texas Coast. You will also drive at your own pace, stop as much as you want, and enjoy the freedom of a road trip. While a car is one of the most expensive things you can buy, a new or used auto loan can help you pay for it. You can get quotes from different online lenders and then compare the basic details.