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The High Demand for CDL Drivers: Why You Should Get a CDL Now

The logistics industry is essential for maintaining the supply chain. When there is a high demand for goods and services across the country, the trucking industry is here to answer it.


The logistics industry is essential for maintaining the supply chain. When there is a high demand for goods and services across the country, the trucking industry is here to answer it. With this, the need for skilled truck drivers is on the rise. If you went through CDL jobs to find the perfect fit for you, you understand that a commercial driver's license is a must for this industry. This article explains the high demand for drivers on the market and the importance of obtaining a CDL.

High demand for truck drivers

As the economy grows and there is high demand for goods and services, the logistics industry is growing to respond to the requirements. This situation also increases the need for truck drivers responsible for delivering goods. Truck drivers are an essential part of the supply chain, providing raw materials for production and then shipping the final product to the consumer. The trucking industry is responsible for delivering food, medicine, clothing, building materials, and other essentials.

According to the American Trucking Association, there was a shortage of 80,000 drivers in the US in 2021. This number is expected to grow as a result of high turnover rates. The average anal salary of a truck driver is $53,000 for national routes. According to the estimates, one million truck drivers will be needed by 2024.

Why there is a shortage of truck drivers on the market

A few factors contribute to the shortage of truck drivers. There is an increased demand for transporting goods while many truck drivers retire. The average age of long-haul drivers is 46, which tells you enough about the problem of an aging workforce in this sector. Also, this job isn't attractive for women, veterans, and minorities. Another important reason is the lifestyle that comes with the truck driving career.

What can companies do to fight the driver shortage?

Trucking companies can offer increased mileage rates and bonuses to attract a new workforce. They can add benefits such as improved 401(k) packages, flexible working hours, and health insurance. Another useful strategy is to widen the pool, including immigrants, women, veterans, and young people.

Investing in Logan trailers helps transport more significant quantities of goods, but the companies must be aware of the risks. Training programs will enhance driver safety and prepare them better for their jobs.

Career in the trucking industry

The truck driver job is excellent if you're looking for stability and long-term commitment. As previously mentioned, there is high demand, and the shortage of truck drivers will continue to rise in the following years. The job offers many opportunities, such as flexible working hours and traveling. There is also demand for part-time work, so some individuals might find this a great fit.

When they gain experience, truck drivers can start their own businesses. Drivers can buy their own trucks and become owner-operators, supported by companies that offer assistance and training.

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The industry values reliable drivers that implement safety practices and show quality. If you show this, expect your contribution to be rewarded.

Truck drivers can earn an excellent income. The average annual pay is $53,000, but it can grow to $100,480 for more experienced drivers. Owner-operators can earn an average of $199,616 per year.

Final thoughts

The reasons for the driver shortage are:

  • High demand.
  • Lifestyle changes that came with long haul trucking.
  • Not recruiting veterans and women.
  • Lack of parking.

To combat the shortage, companies offer extensive benefit packages and better compensation. As e-commerce grows, there will be an even higher demand for truck drivers.