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The Top 10 Best Outdoor Adventures in Jackson, Wyoming

If you love the great outdoors, Jackson, Wyoming, is the place to be. This magical area is home to several mountains, ski areas, an astounding antler arch, a diverse ecosystem, and a wide array of wildlife.


It is the backdrop to one of the best outdoor adventures and sports, like shooting, golfing, climbing, hiking, skiing, and many more. Whether you are traveling with adults or children, there are plenty of outdoor adventures for everyone. Here are the best adventures you can enjoy in Jackson, Wyoming.

1. Horseback riding in the Bridger-Teton National Forest

Horseback riding in the Bridger provides one of the best ways to experience the expansive wilderness and beauty of the Teton. One of the best things about horse riding is that it will enable you to cover more ground in less time than hiking.

Horse riding will allow you to take in the views of Grand Teton National Park, Teton Range, Aspen Tree Groves, valleys, and unparalleled mountains. You can choose between longer day trips or short trips for these horse riding tours.

2. Whitewater Rafting on the Magnificent Snake River

The Snake River is widely known as the deepest gorge in the United States. It reaches about 7,900 feet deep at some points. Rock and boulder slides roll into the river, creating one of the largest whitewater rafting rapids in the Pacific.

Therefore, the best way to experience this river is by taking a whitewater rafting trip. Whether it's a heart-pumping ride or a serene float, exploring the Snake River and its surrounding environment is one of the best outdoor adventures you can hope for. These whitewater rafts can handle river rapids, and their design makes them ideal for 8-14 passengers.

3. Touring the Grand Teton National Park

Touring the Grand Teton National Park for an entire day offers a perfect adventure for wildlife and nature fans. Grand Teton National Park boasts some of the most magnificent attractions in Jackson.

It has plenty of extraordinary signs, including astounding wildlife, wildflowers, mountains, alpine terrain, and picturesque lakes. This national park is also one of the best places for photography.

4. Floating in a hot air balloon in Grand Teton

A hot air balloon provides a perfect opportunity to catch a spectacular sunrise while marveling at the incredible sights below. This flight takes about 1 hour and can host a maximum of 16 passengers.

It lets you enjoy the sunrise view over the Jackson Hole Valley and the seven Mountain ranges. You can also see the Grand Teton National Park, Teton Range, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snake River, Yellowstone Plateau, and plenty of wildlife from the air. A hot air balloon allows you to get a bird's eye view of the best attractions in Jackson. It ensures outdoor enthusiasts can feel the thrill of taking off and landing.

5. Climbing in Grand Teton

The Grand Teton is one of the best places to have a fabulous vertical outdoor adventure by climbing. Climbing is a famous outdoor activity in the Teton Range, where making it to the top can be a major triumph and highlight of your vacation.

Note that climbing in Grand Teton can provide a fun experience but is also dangerous. You will need a climbing permit for overnight trips. However, those who wish to participate in mountaineering for day trips will not require a climbing permit.

Note that mountains' conditions can suddenly change. Therefore, always prepare for the changing weather by packing appropriately, confirming the weather conditions, and letting someone know your plans to climb in the Grand Teton.

6. Sleigh Riding at the National Elk Refuge

Sleigh riding gives you a wonderful experience at the National Elk Refuge. It takes you through an incredible adventure, where you will find yourself in a Western adventure like no other.

Sleigh riding is a century-long tradition that provides an exciting and amazing way to discover elk. It is a guided tour where your guide will fill you with amazing facts and a wealth of information. You will learn more about the National Elk Refuge and its history.

This outdoor activity will also allow you to take in breathtaking sights. You will be surrounded by some of the most scenic landscapes in Jackson, including the Grand Tetons. During winter, you will be able to see thousands of elk. This adventure is suitable for individuals of all ages and promises long-lasting memories.

7. Continental Divide Outdoor Dogsled Adventures

Continental Divide Outdoor Dogsled Adventures lets you dash through the snowy landscape at a breakneck speed during winter. It also ensures you can experience the exhilarating dog sled team journey across the Continental Divide.

This adventure provides multiple night excursions, overnight trips, and half-day trips, ideal for your sense of outdoor adventure. The Continental Divide Outdoor Dogsled Adventures offers families an amazing experience with these beautiful dogs in one of the most majestic parts of the United States.

8. Sightseeing through the Aerial Tram

Jackson boasts some of the most beautiful views in the United States. While hiking, walking, road touring, or climbing can bless you with beautiful attractions, riding the Aerial Tram can leave you awestruck. The Aerial Tram will only take 12 minutes to glide 4,139 vertical feet.

It provides a staggering 360-degree scenic view of the Jackson Hole Valley, the Tetons, and surrounding mountain ranges. You will experience the world's most amazing wonders while feeling as if you are on top of the world. This outdoor activity is suitable for a whole family.

9. Touring the Yellowstone National Park

The Yellow Stone National Park is a must-visit place for outdoor enthusiasts. Touring this national park will take you through a plethora of wildlife, including foxes, eagles, wolves, bison, elk, and grizzly bears. You will also have a chance to see about 60% of the geothermal features in the world.

You can stop at the Grand Canyon waterfalls, Hayden Valley, the Fountain Paint Pots, Yellowstone Lake, and the Old Faithful and enjoy sightseeing. Be sure to stop and photograph the beautiful scenery and wildlife throughout the day. If you opt for a guided tour, your guide will educate you on the park's history, wildlife, geology, and geothermal features.

10. Paragliding at Jackson Hole

Paragliding is one of the best activities if you would like to soar between the Teton mountains. It offers a thrilling experience that will give you a new perspective on the landscape in Jackson Hole.

You can opt for guided paragliding tours, where a pilot will take you through the whole experience and help elevate your adventure. As you soar above, you will have a panoramic view of breathtaking vistas, a bright canopy, and an amazing landscape.

In Conclusion

Jackson is a must-visit travel destination if you love the great outdoors. This area boasts several incredible outdoor adventures suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts. These are only a few outdoor adventures that you can partake in.

While it can cost you a lot of money to buy an RV for your outdoor adventures in Jackson, it’s worth it in the long run if you plan to use it multiple times a year. Traveling in an RV can also make a huge difference in your comfort and how much you enjoy your summer adventures.

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