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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycling in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon offers a range of breathtaking sceneries and viewpoints, including red rocks, desert views, evergreens, and snow views, giving the place a natural contrast.


Bryce Canyon offers a range of breathtaking sceneries and viewpoints, including red rocks, desert views, evergreens, and snow views, giving the place a natural contrast. Motorcycling is one of the activities that allow you to enjoy these sceneries. However, you need to have accurate information before taking this exciting journey. This article offers essential tips for your Bryce Canyon motorcycle ride.

1. Ensure proper planning

Before taking a motorcycle ride to Bryce Canyon, you should get a proper travel plan. In this plan, you should identify your date for the trip, the estimated budget, the stops you will make, and the things you need to carry during the ride. This is an excellent way to avoid leaving essential things during the trip or going beyond your budget while traveling to the Canyon.

2. Get the right motorcycle

Whether motorcycling to work or the Canyon, you need the right motorcycle to make your trip safe and fun. The motorcycling trail in Bryce Canyon is long, so you will be seated on your motorcycle for a long time. Therefore, you must pick a motorcycle matching your body weight and height. In addition, make sure that the motorcycle's foot pegs, seats, backrests, and handlebars are adjusted to your liking.

If you want a new model motorcycle, apply for motorcycle financing through an online lender. This type of financing is great for you if you need a motorcycle right away, but don’t have the cash. There is also a wide range of motorcycle rental services near the Canyon.

3. Pack clothes for all weather

Remember you are visiting a place characterized by all-weather. The weather may vary drastically at Bryce Canyon, and being on a motorcycle exposes you to all these weather changes. Prepare the proper attires that can help you maneuver through the desert heat, rain storms, and heavy winds. It would be inconvenient for you to pack for some elements while leaving others behind.

4. Carry a lot of snacks

Once you start your motorcycling journey through Bryce Canyon, it will be hard for you to go back. In this case, you must bring in enough snacks for your journey. Frequent snack breaks will also reduce the magnitude of muscle aches and saddle sores brought about by riding for long. Normalize getting about 15-minute snack breaks during your trip.

5. Stay hydrated

Temperatures may get really hot at Bryce Canyon. Therefore, you need to bring a lot of water and stay hydrated. Dehydration may cause heat stroke or even drain your motorcycling energy. Apart from water, you can also carry other fluids such as juices.

6. Wear protective clothing

Motorcycling requires you to stay extra careful to avoid any form of injury. When motorcycling at Bryce Canyon, ensure you are well covered. Avoid wearing shorts and go for protective trousers. Also, ensure you are always wearing a helmet with a proper shade. Finally, wear protective gloves to cover your hands.

7. Apply sunscreen

With the hot temperature at Bryce Canyon, you should apply sunblock before embarking on your motorcycling journey. Exposing your skin to the hot sun will leave you with blisters, burns, and swellings. A broad-spectrum SPF-30 lotion will shield you against harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping protect your skin.

8. Carry necessary tools

While taking long trips using a motorcycle, continuous maintenance is required. It’s always important to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Before taking the trip, ensure your motorbike is thoroughly serviced by a professional mechanic. Check on the brakes, tires, loose bolts, fluid levels, and lights, whether your bike is new or old.

Make sure you carry a basic toolbox for any fixes that can be done by the roadside. Getting basic mechanical skills before taking your motorcycling will also help. However, basic repairs can be achieved with the help of YouTube tutorials.

9. Bring a first-aid kit

Riding a motorcycle will expose you to various health hazards, including scratches, burns, scrapes, and insect stings. Furthermore, traumatic injuries like head trauma and fractures may occur. Be sure to carry a first aid kit with eyedrops, bandages, an emergency blanket, tweezers, adhesive tapes, aspirin, and antidiarrheals.

These are some of the basic things one may require during the motorcycling experience. Ensure your first aid kit is lightweight, waterproof, compact, and durable and can take the heavy-duty tear and wear that comes with the life spent on the road.

10. Entrance fees

As you enter the Bryce Canyon, you will come across a ranger booth where you can show your entry pass if you have one or pay the entry fee at the point of entry. For motorcyclists, an entrance cost of $30 is required. The good thing is that you do not need to make any reservations in order to access the Canyon with a motorcycle.

11. Get a map

If you are taking the Bryce Canyon motorcycle trail for the first time, a map will come in handy to ensure that you stay on the right track. Getting familiar with the map will also enable you to arrange your stops and get familiar with the terrain and the things you expect to encounter throughout the ride. You can download the printable version of the trail map online or buy one from the visitors' center at the Canyon.

12. Ride carefully

It is your personal responsibility to ensure your safety and that of other motorcyclists visiting Bryce Canyon by riding carefully. You are likely to encounter different terrains and wild animals. Thus, you must obey the road signs and speed limits and avoid consuming drugs and alcohol during your motorcycling experience. The Bryce Canyon has laws and policies regarding safe driving.

13. Photography

Motorcycling in Bryce Canyon gives you an exclusive view of a range of terrain that most visitors do not get to see. These thrilling rides show you the ravines, mountains, and desert, primarily through the Moab and Colorado regions. With the multiple viewpoints, it’s a good idea to carry an excellent camera to capture these breathtaking sights. Photography sessions will also act as a good way of breaking from the long motorcycling journey.

14. Avoid littering

Like any other national park, Bryce Canyon has a rule regarding littering. To avoid getting fined or getting on the wrong side of the law, bring all your litter home or use the designated trash points. Packaging your snacks and drinks in recyclable containers would be best.

Bottom Line

With the growing popularity of motorcycling adventure, Bryce Canyon is a fantastic destination. Following these great tips will give you a safe and amazing motorcycling experience in Bryce.