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Tips To Help You Become A More Confident Driver

Whether you are considering leasing a new car or already own a vehicle, you might lack confidence in driving due to a recent incident or experience.


Whether you are considering leasing a new car or already own a vehicle, you might lack confidence in driving due to a recent incident or experience.

Don’t worry; it happens to most of us. You can get your confidence back with the right steps and attitude.

Those worrying about their confidence knock and not feeling like the driver they once were have come to the right place. Here is how to become a more confident driver.

Consider car upgrades

There are certain car upgrades that can make your car feel easier to handle and control. Should this be what you need to feel more confident when driving, so be it.

For instance, you can install coilovers that work to enhance handling, giving you better control when behind the wheel.

You can find universal coilovers to help you customize and upgrade your car to enjoy better suspension and handling. As a result, your car will feel more comfortable and seamless to drive, giving you your confidence back.

Understand what caused the lack of confidence

Should you have recently lost your confidence in driving, you should try to discover why. You might have experienced a crash or moved to a new area where you do not know the roads.

Understanding why you lack confidence in driving will help you work on it and do what you can to feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Use refresher lessons

If you haven’t driven in a while or lack confidence because of a certain experience, you could benefit from using refresher lessons. One or two hours of driving with a professional instructor could be all it takes to feel yourself behind the wheel again.

Plus, their recognition and comfort will ensure you are definitely safe when driving. They will tell you there is nothing to worry about and reassure you that you are a great and safe driver.

Drive however you feel comfortable

Every driver has unique needs and preferences when behind the wheel. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, you should practice.

Whether you enjoy listening to a specific radio station or like to use a seat cushion to add more height, so be it. You should do whatever makes you comfortable so that you feel your best self behind the wheel.

Fuel and rest before driving

You might lack confidence in driving from time to time because you do not feel alert and energized. If so, you must ensure to recognize this and act upon it. You should never drive if you are overtired, as you could be a danger to yourself and others. Furthermore, you should ensure to fuel up before heading out on the road.

Plenty of rest and fuel will ensure you stay alert and focused enough to maintain safety behind the wheel.

Practice, practice, practice

The more you practice your driving, the better it will be.

For example, you might have only recently passed, which will be why your confidence levels are not as high as you want them to be. Therefore, ensuring to get out (even if you don’t need to go anywhere) to practice will ensure you can gain more experience and feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Furthermore, if you lack confidence because you have a new car or are driving on new roads, all you need to do is practice more. In time, you will feel more confident behind the wheel and put self-doubt behind you.

Plan the journey before you head out

Any journey can experience delays and frustrating mishaps. The more you plan your journey, the fewer interruptions you will have. Using a sat-nav can help you avoid long delays and give you the best route to take.

Furthermore, if you plan the journey before you head out, you will know what to expect from the journey. You might be nervous about driving on windy roads. Hence, planning ahead of the trip can ensure you can find a route that suits your preferences.

Get to know your car

The more you know your car and how each feature works, the more confident you will be as a driver.

Your car might have features that you never knew about, which could enhance your performance and confidence behind the wheel. For example, you might dislike changing lanes on the motorway because other cars switch lanes too fast. Or, you might worry you have not left enough space before moving over. Some cars have smart features that will alert you when it is best to move lanes and alert you if you are too close to another car.

Using these smart features will ensure you can maximize the effort from the car, which will ensure you stay safe on the road and drive safely. Many new cars have incredible safety features that help to take the anxiety out of driving.

You must keep alert and focused and not rely too heavily on these features. Doing so will maintain your driving skills and ensure you do not miss anything the features did.

Drive on your own

You might feel doubtful about your driving when you have to drive alone. Although it is comforting to have passengers, it will not help when you have to drive alone.

Therefore, it is recommended to practice driving alone. Doing so will enhance your experience and ensure that when you need to drive without others in the car, you can feel comfortable and not question yourself.

If you are someone that prefers driving alone, you should do the opposite. You might need to drive people from time to time. If this frustrates you, it will feel more comfortable the more you try it.

Remove all distractions where possible

If you are a nervous driver, distractions can make your anxiety and stress much worse. You will not want to be halfway into your journey and feel panicked when your phone starts to buzz or your radio will not switch off.

Therefore, it is important to remove all distractions. You should switch your phone off or to silent when driving so that a text or call doesn’t distract you. If you do need to use your phone, install a hands-free device so that you can pursue the call without needing to handle your phone.

Always keep the noise to a minimum and set yourself up before you switch your car on to ensure the least distractions possible.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone to excel your confidence

Sometimes, the best thing we can do to increase our confidence is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. This can be scary in any instance. Although it won’t feel comfortable to go outside of your comfort zone when driving, it is recommended to so that you can be prepared for all situations in the future.

For example, you might dislike driving more than 30 miles at a time. However, you might be required to one day. If you do not practice, you might feel too overwhelmed to fulfill the task when the time comes. Opposingly, if you do practice, you can feel more confident and comfortable when the task arises. The more you push yourself outside of your comfort zone on the road, the more relaxed you will feel about unexpected situations.

Using this guide, you should hopefully regain and maintain your confidence behind the wheel. You might simply need to avoid distractions or adjust your seating position to feel comfortable and at ease again.