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Top 10 Motorcycle Rallies in the US

About ten million households in the US own a motorcycle, and this has led to an increase in the number of motorcycle enthusiasts.


About ten million households in the US own a motorcycle, and this has led to an increase in the number of motorcycle enthusiasts. World-famous motorcycle rallies have emerged over the past years in the US as motorcycle enthusiasts feel the need to take the thrill on open roads and feel the rumble of powerful engines.

Picking the perfect motorcycle rally to attend can be quite a task, but worry not. Here are the top ten motorcycle rallies you can consider attending in your next adventure.

1. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis motorcycle rally is a must-try event for motorcycle fanatics. It is one of the most popular rallies in the US and the entire world. The event is held at Sturgis, South Dakota, and hosts up to 700,000 guests.

The rally started in 1938 as a random one-day gathering for bikers but grew into a world-renowned event. The fun thing about this event is that it will give you a chance to engage in a number of activities, such as bike shows, live band performances, and bike races, and you will also get a taste of the local food and drinks.

Visitors are also given access to the Sturgis Museum, where information about the event and motorcycles is well displayed. The event lasts up to one week, giving you ample time to enjoy all the activities and create unforgettable memories.

2. Daytona Bike Week

This ultimate 10-day thrilling bike racing experience is usually held at Daytona Beach in Florida. After the Sturgis motorcycle rally, this is the second oldest motorcycle rally in the US, with its heyday in 1937. The event started running continuously in 1947 as war efforts disrupted it in 1942.

With the friendly Florida weather, the event attracts about 500,000 people and plenty of motorbikes. The uniqueness of Daytona Bike Week is evident because the event attracts motorcycle historians who offer classes on motorcycle technology, thus giving you a chance to get familiar with the history and appreciate the need for the sport.

The race routes are spectator friendly, with plenty of seats, thus giving you a chance to enjoy every moment. Also, there is a wide range of accommodations for visitors and riders, ensuring you have a safe stay. Note that this event is usually held in March.

3. The One Moto Show

This motorcycle rally event was started in 2009 and is usually held annually in Portland, Oregon. The One Motorcycle Show is famous for showcasing rare, weird, and classical motorcycles. Builders around the world are given a chance to display their custom-made motorcycles. This event features local band performances, food vendors, classic chops, and bobbers, and it is open to guests of all ages.

The rally only attracts a few visitors. It takes place over a short weekend inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, thus making it a perfect event for you and your family.

4. Arizona Bike Week

This weeklong rally event is held every April in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are no charges for the event, but you can buy concert tickets, which range between $50-$100. The event is divided into two major events: the Poweryard and the Rockyarda.

As the name suggests, the Rockyard comprises live music performances from famous rock bands in the US. On the other hand, the Poweryard gives everything about motorcycles, from vendors to camping grounds and a range of outdoor activities. It is an ideal event for you if you plan to spend a week full of adrenaline pumping.

5. Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Myrtle Beach bike week was founded in 1940 and is held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The event comes in during spring and fall and hosts over 200,000 visitors.

The Myrtle Beach Week revolves around riding along the spectacular coastline, thus making the rides scenic and memorable. The event also features live music, bike shows, and food vendors. There is also a special feature for wildlife and war historical sites making it an ideal event for you to enjoy both breathtaking sceneries and experience culture.

6. Laconia Motorcycle Week

Laconia motorcycle rally is usually held in Laconia, New Hampshire, and was first unveiled in 1916. The Laconia Bike Week is usually vintage-themed and offers many activities for bikers and visitors. These activities include riding competitions, hill climbing, music performances, and bike demos. What makes this event exemplary is the ability of the organizers to stick to a well-planned schedule while maintaining a wonderful experience for attendees.

7. Bama Bike Fest

If you are up to an unforgettable and exciting rally experience, be sure to attend the Bama Bike Festival. The event takes place three times a year in Leeds, Alabama. Note that only adults are allowed to attend the fest, thus offering a mature environment for attendees. Also, the event focuses on Davidson motorcycles and riders.

If you are a big fan of this renowned American motorcycle brand, this event is for you. Furthermore, if you are working on a budget, this bike fest is very affordable, as tickets cost only $30. The event features activities such as bike games, poker, and contests.

8. Las Vegas Bike Fest

This is the ultimate place for you to get wild. The event is held every September in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas Bike Fest is spread out over four days, and there are several entertainment activities for you to enjoy, such as stunt shows, bikini contests, live music, and plenty of food and drinks. Las Vegas has the best hotels and casinos in the world, making the event even more memorable.

9. The Republic of Texas Biker Rally

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally was pioneered in 1995 and is held in Austin, Texas. Despite being one of the youngest rally events, the event has grown so vibrant to compete with old motorcycle rallies such as Sturgis and Myrtle Beach. The event capitalizes on Austin's rich musical heritage and occurs in a home field. Also, the rally features exclusive custom bike shows based on the given theme, races, and great giveaways throughout the week.

You also have the chance to enjoy Austin's cuisine and high-end accommodation services if you are looking for a luxurious experience. The event also has a serious focus on gear and product innovation, allowing you to learn about the newest technological advancements and designs in the industry.

10. Four Corners Motorcycle Rally

Four Corners motorcycle rally is held on the Labor Day weekend in Durango, Colorado. As the name suggests, the event venue is close to the Four Corners Monument, a scenic place where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado meet.

The event has memorable activities such as drag races, poker runs, flat track races, live music, and food vendors. The best thing is that you can test ride new bikes at the demo trucks, comprising the latest models in the market. Colorado's breathtaking sceneries of mountain ranges offer you a memorable experience, and this rally is a must-attend.

Summing it up

Motorcycle rallies offer something fun for everyone, from the biggest gatherings to the most intimate ones. However, attending your first rally can be exhilarating and intimidating, especially if you are traveling alone. To set yourself up for a successful and unforgettable adventure at your first motorcycle rally, do your research and prepare in advance.

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