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Top 5 Best Ways to Sell a Car in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of selling cars has evolved dramatically, offering more options than ever before.


As we step into 2024, the landscape of selling cars has evolved dramatically, offering more options than ever before. Whether you're new to selling cars or have extensive experience in the field, understanding the best ways to sell your car can make a significant difference in your experience and the deal you secure. From innovative online marketplaces to traditional dealership trade-ins, the methods have diversified. This article explores the top 5 best ways to sell a car in 2024, highlighting each method's benefits and downsides to help you make an informed decision.

EpiCar - a new hassle-free way to sell a vehicle

EpiCar emerges as a game-changer, especially for those tired of the traditional, often tedious process. The used car marketplace stands out with its ability to simplify and expedite the selling journey, removing the usual headaches associated with this task.


  • Skip the Dealer Visits: You don’t need to run from dealership to dealership, engaging in endless haggling to get the best price. EpiCar is designed to save you this hassle and precious time.
  • Save your Time: With EpiCar, selling your car becomes as simple as taking a picture and listing it online. This convenience allows you to focus more on your family or simply relax, rather than stressing over car sales.
  • Ease of Use: Selling your car through EpiCar is incredibly straightforward. You simply list your vehicle with a few clicks, and it becomes available to a wide pool of dealers.
  • AI-Powered Valuation: AI-driven valuation tool ensures that you get a fair and accurate market price for your car.
  • Competitive Bidding: The auction format ensures that your car gets the attention of multiple dealers, driving up its final selling price.
  • Convenience: The entire process, from listing to selling, is conducted online, meaning you can sell your car without ever leaving your home.


Limited In-Person Interaction: EpiCar’s online nature means sellers might miss out on face-to-face interactions with buyers, which some people prefer for negotiating and building trust.

In a market where convenience and fair pricing are paramount, EpiCar offers a solution that meets the needs of modern car sellers, making it our top pick for the best way to sell a car in 2024.

Car Marketplace Websites - Websites such as AutoTrader,, EpicVIN

Car marketplace websites like AutoTrader,, and EpicVIN are popular choices for selling cars due to their wide reach and user-friendly platforms. These sites cater to a large audience, offering significant exposure for your car listing.


  • Wide Reach: These websites attract a vast audience, increasing the chances of your car being seen and sold quickly.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use interfaces allow sellers to list their vehicles with detailed descriptions and photos.
  • Various Options: Offers a range of tools and services to enhance the selling process, including pricing guides and vehicle history reports.


  • Incomplete Transaction Process: While these sites generate selling leads, they often don't facilitate the entire sales process. Sellers are typically redirected to another location or platform to finalize the sale.
  • Frequent Calls and Emails: Once your listing generates leads, you might receive numerous calls and emails from interested dealers, which can be overwhelming.
  • Widespread Lead Distribution: Your lead might be sent to a large number of dealers, resulting in constant contacts and potentially aggressive sales tactics.

These sites are excellent for getting your car noticed but may require additional steps and handling multiple inquiries to complete the sale. They are a solid option for those who prefer a wider reach and don't mind managing the subsequent dealer communications.

Social Media and Online Classifieds - Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

For car sellers looking to handle the process themselves, social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace and classified websites like Craigslist present unique opportunities. These platforms offer a direct route to potential buyers, bypassing intermediaries and allowing for personal negotiation and sale terms.


  • Direct Interaction with Buyers: You have the chance to communicate directly with potential buyers, giving you more control over the negotiation process.
  • No Middleman: Selling on these platforms means you don't have to deal with third-party dealerships or services, potentially saving you fees and commissions.
  • Localized Selling: Particularly useful for reaching local buyers, which can simplify the logistics of car viewings and transactions.


  • Time-Consuming: Managing your listing, responding to inquiries, and negotiating with potential buyers can be a time-intensive process.
  • Potential Security Concerns: Direct dealings with strangers require caution. There's a need to be vigilant about scams and personal safety, especially when arranging viewings or test drives.
  • Variable Buyer Quality: Unlike professional dealerships, buyers on these platforms can be unpredictable in terms of seriousness and readiness to purchase.

Social media and online classifieds like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are great for sellers who prefer a hands-on approach and direct interaction with buyers. While these platforms give you more control over the selling process, they also require more time and effort to manage. It's an ideal choice for those who have the time to engage with potential buyers and who are comfortable navigating the nuances of direct selling.

Local Dealerships

Selling a car through local dealerships is one of the most traditional methods. It involves visiting various dealers in your area to get a quote and negotiate a deal. While it's a tried and tested method, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.


  • Reduced Paperwork: Dealerships typically handle the majority of the paperwork, making the transaction smoother for the seller.
  • Trade-In Options: If you’re looking to buy a new car, many dealerships offer trade-in deals where you can offset the cost of your new purchase with the value of your old car.


  • Time-Consuming Visits: Visiting multiple dealerships to get the best offer can be a time-consuming process, involving a lot of back-and-forth.
  • Negotiation Required: You might need strong negotiation skills to get a fair price for your car, as dealerships tend to initially offer a lower value.
  • Potentially Lower Offers: Dealerships often offer less than the market value since they need to make a profit when they resell the car.

Local dealerships remain a viable option for those who prefer a straightforward, immediate sale and don’t mind potentially receiving a bit less than the market value. However, be prepared for potentially time-consuming negotiations and dealership visits.

Online Car Buying Services - Carvana, Vroom, etc.

Online car buying services like Carvana and Vroom have reshaped how people sell their cars, offering a digital-first, streamlined experience. However, this convenience comes with its own set of limitations that sellers should be aware of.


  • Convenience: These services allow you to sell your car from the comfort of your home, making the process convenient and straightforward.
  • Quick Offers: These platforms often provide instant offers based on your car's details, speeding up the selling process compared to traditional methods.


  • Lower Offers: These services often offer less than you might get from a private sale or even some dealerships because they need to resell the car at a profit.
  • Limited Negotiation: The price offered is typically non-negotiable, which means you might have to settle for less than your car's potential market value.
  • Impersonal Experience: The entire process is conducted online, which might not suit sellers looking for a more personal touch or those who prefer to negotiate face-to-face.
  • Potential for Lower Appraisals: Cars with even minor cosmetic damage or mechanical issues might receive significantly lower appraisals than from a private sale or traditional dealership.

These platforms are ideal for those who prioritize speed and ease over maximizing their car’s selling price. However, for those looking to get the best possible deal or who value face-to-face negotiations, other options might be more suitable.

As you can see, there are many ways to sell your ride. But according to our predictions, EpiCar will be the most advantageous option in 2024. It stands out for its ease of use and time-saving qualities, among other benefits. EpiCar simplifies the car selling process, making it not just convenient, but also highly efficient for sellers looking to get the best deal with minimal hassle.