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Truck Loans

Trucks and Loans

Just like the many different trucks on the road today, there are many types of light duty truck loans to choose from. Whether you need a light duty truck loan for pleasure or ten light duty trucks for business, you'll need financing. Depending on your needs and your credit rating, it may take some creative and innovative truck financing to get you into your ideal vehicle.

Applying for a Light Duty Truck Loan

Whether you are looking for a new or used truck, securing a loan from an independent source is the best way to save. Many potential truck buyers don't always know that they don't have to get a truck loan from the dealership. It is wise to shop around for your truck loan and get multiple offers to compare. It's good to have a choice!

It is always beneficial to research the light duty truck or trucks you are looking for in advance. Check the classifieds, specific truck oriented publications and online resources that specialize in trucks. For light duty trucks, typically seen on the highway today, a recommended source is the Chrome, easily accessible online at under new and used pricing. (To learn more on light duty trucks visit and visit new and used trucks links.)

Compare prices of the truck loans, and if similar, you'll be confident in knowing that you are getting a good deal on your new truck loan. Now research the value of your trade-in. The equity that you have in your old equipment should add to your purchasing power. Don't allow truck dealers to confuse you when negotiating your trade-in. The value of your trade-in is not always the payoff amount.

Online Truck Loans

Once you have researched your future light duty truck, be even more prepared by getting pre-approval for a truck loan ahead of buying. By getting several truck loan offers direct from lenders, such as, you'll save even more. You'll be able to find the best loan options available to you whether your credit is good, bad or even if you don't have credit.

Make note, that if the truck is used for business purposes, the truck loan interest payments and depreciation can often be tax deductible. You may need a commercial loan in this case. Some finance companies offer special arrangements such as no down payments, flexible loan terms, first time buyer programs, no application fees and no prepayment penalties on their truck loans for personal use.

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