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Types of Vehicle Accidents and 6 Ways to Handle Them

Car accidents happen every day. This does not mean every driver is careless; sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. Since we cannot always prevent them, it is essential to know how to handle them properly.


Car accidents happen every day. This does not mean every driver is careless; sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. Since we cannot always prevent them, it is essential to know how to handle them properly.

This will help you save time and money from damages and reduce the risks of worse injuries. It is also essential to know when to contact attorneys for car crashes in Lacey.

This article will explain the different types of vehicle accidents that are most common.

Types of Vehicle Accidents

1. Single Car Accident

This is a type of accident that involves only one vehicle. A majority of single car accidents happen when the driver loses control or collides with debris.

In such situations, the victim may be unable to file injury claims. This is because there's nobody to blame for the accident. Single car accidents are common in Lacey, just as in most other cities.

Single car accidents may involve pedestrians or animals. In Lacey, a lawsuit will typically follow. If this is the case, contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Lacey to know how to proceed with the situation.

2. Head-On Collision

A head-on collision accident is when two cars collide from opposite directions in the front. It is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents and could be fatal. The person sitting in the front tends to get injured the most.

The impact of head-on collisions can lead to severe injuries or even death. Some injuries can affect the brain, chest, muscles, etc.

If the accident is the fault of one driver, you can make bodily injury claims. This is only if the other party suffers injury from the accident.

For instance, if one of the victims suffers brain damage, he can file an injury claim. The affected family can employ the services of a Washington brain injury attorney to get through the legal procedures.

3. Rollover Accidents

These types of vehicle accidents are complex and ghastly. In this situation, the car loses control and flips over.

In most cases, the type of vehicle has a significant role in the accident. Sometimes it is the driver's behavior. Other causes include the driver's speed, state of mind, and weather conditions.

Most vehicle rollovers are single-car accidents with nobody to blame for it. This means that there can be no bodily injury claims.

4. Rear-End Collision

This accident happens when a vehicle crashes into the back of another car. This could happen as a result of several reasons.

The driver may not have noticed when the car in front stopped. For this reason, the driver drives into the rear of the vehicle in front. It could be that they were driving too close to each other. It could also be that it was night or the weather was not friendly.

If one of the drivers suffers an injury from a collision, he can ask for personal injury compensation. The attorneys for car crashes in Lacey must prove that the other driver is at fault to win the case.

5. Side Impact Collision

These accidents are also known as T-bone collisions. In this situation, one vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle.

Side collisions mostly happen at intersections or parking lots. Here, both drivers meet unexpectedly at an intersection. If it is a parking lot, it could be while driving out. The results from a side-impact collision can be severe depending on where the vehicle receives the impact.

6. Under-ride Accidents

An under-ride accident happens when a car loses control and goes underneath another vehicle. This type of accident usually involves small vehicles and large ones like trucks.

This is primarily a result of driver carelessness, overspeeding, or alcohol intoxication. Sometimes it could result from bad weather conditions like a fly vision at night. This will prevent the driver from seeing the vehicle in front, especially if it is not moving.

In your case, if the truck had carelessly run over the other vehicle, seek the assistance of a Washington truck accident injury lawyer to win compensation.

How Can I Handle a Vehicle Accident?

There are many things we might do impulsively after an accident. Taking action without thinking it through may only worsen the situation. Below are some steps to handle such an emergency better.

1. Stop and Calm Down

Some people may become afraid and decide to flee the accident scene, but it is wrong. No matter the type of accident or how minor it is, you need to stop moving.

It is essential to calm down, as panicking will prevent you from thinking straight. Park the vehicle and move away from it while taking deep breaths to help you relax.

2. Call 911

Get help, especially if there are injured victims. You can carefully move anyone with injury away from the scene while you wait for help.

It is advisable to call the police even if there are no injuries. This is important because you may need a police report to file a claim with your insurance company.

Remember, do not move anything from the accident scene.

Wait for the police to come and assess the accident first. When the police arrive, ensure that you narrate precisely what happened to the best of your ability.

If you do not remember specific facts, tell the officer. Do not speculate or guess any of the facts. Also, make accurate statements about the other persons involved in the accident.

3. Take Pictures of the Scene

You should take pictures of the vehicles if there is visible damage. If you have visible injuries, also take pictures of them.

If you cannot take pictures during the police investigation, take them as soon as you possibly can.

4. Report the Accident

Inform your insurance company about the accident at the earliest. Find out what your insurance coverage is and if you have medical benefits. This will help you to plan recovery and damage costs.

5. Get Medical Attention

If you have serious physical injuries, you need to see a doctor immediately. If you have no physical injuries, you can wait till you report and do the other things.

Even if you feel alright after the accident, it is essential to seek medical attention. This is because some injuries do not manifest immediately and could be severe later.

6. Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyer

It is essential to do this so that you can protect/exercise your rights. If you have any injuries, your attorney will help file injury claims. Your attorney will also help you get damage settlements.

If the accident is your fault, your attorney can help you negotiate with the other party.

7. Contact Your Vehicle Insurance company

Contacting the vehicle insurance company may be the last thing that we do after an accident but it is one of the crucial one steps.

Also, if your car is damaged there are lots of Auto loan companies that provide loans to buy a new car, used car, motorcycle.


You must know how to handle accident situations for your sake and for others. This will help you salvage the situation and prevent it from getting worse. Collect adequate details about the accident to deal with insurance companies. Contact an attorney for legal advice and representation if your situation demands any.