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Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Maintenance And How To Start A Career With It

Using a vehicle without maintaining it puts the user in danger and reduces its Durability. Keep reading to know why you should service your vehicle and how you can make a career helping people do that.


Vehicle maintenance is the regular servicing of a vehicle to keep it in optimal condition and prevent a major breakdown. Vehicle maintenance usually includes fixing the little things in the vehicle and changing the transmission fluids.

While there are many things that individuals can do in vehicle maintenance, getting professionals to do it is usually a smart move. This is because professionals know about the vehicles and can do a thorough job. Also, if you are vast with vehicle maintenance, you can earn a living with it. The good news is that the global automotive repair and maintenance market size is expected to reach $1.24 trillion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3%.

Due to the continual growth of jobs related to vehicle maintenance, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to research what it is about. We will be discussing the importance of vehicle maintenance. We will also highlight the steps you can take toward having a career in vehicle maintenance. Let’s delve right into it.

Why Is Vehicle Maintenance Important?

The importance of vehicle maintenance cannot be overestimated. It does not only prevent problems but also makes the vehicle last longer. Since your vehicle is one of your most important assets, you must maintain it well and even insure it at a trusted auto insurance company.

Some of the advantages of maintaining your vehicle are:


Maintaining your vehicle can help keep you safe on the road. For instance, constantly changing your windshield wiper at the right time can help ensure that you don’t get into an accident during rain or snow.

Also, your car breaking down in the middle of the road can compromise your safety. However, regular and thorough vehicle maintenance can help you prevent this.


Maintaining your vehicle can help it last longer. When you tarry to fix a vehicle problem, it can generate another one. For instance, not changing the oil at the right time can lead to engine damage. Therefore, you must maintain your vehicle if you want it to serve you for long.


Not only does a stitch save nine, but a repair in time can save you from more expenses. When you maintain your vehicle regularly, you do not have to worry about it leading to more cost.

Vehicle maintenance solves small problems to prevent them from becoming bigger ones. Therefore, regularly doing this can save the cost you would have spent solving bigger ones.

Fuel Efficient

Regular servicing of your vehicle can help improve fuel efficiency. Vehicle parts and an engine work together. An improvement in a part can help improve some other parts. For instance, keeping your tires pumped up can help reduce fuel consumption, as underinflated tires generate more friction and rolling resistance. This, in turn, can increase your fuel consumption by up to 10%.


Servicing your car at the right time will help you save time instead of waiting for it to break down. Servicing takes a short period. For instance, basic servicing can take between one to three hours. No matter what maintenance job you do on a car, it cannot take more than a day. However, vehicle repair can take an average of five days to two weeks. Some major repairs can even take months.

Prevents Unforeseen Car Problems

Having a car issue is the last thing you want on a busy business day. No matter what you have planned for a day, car problems can ruin it. The good news is that regular car servicing can prevent you from being stranded.

Not only do you get to do minor fixes on the car, but servicing also helps you know your car’s condition. Knowing your vehicle’s condition can go a long way in helping you plan for yourself.

How To Get Into A Career In Vehicle Maintenance

The transportation industry is extensive, and it keeps growing. Many people now own an automobile, and those that don’t are working towards having one too. Meanwhile, you can become a car owner without breaking the bank, as car financing is fast and easy when you work with the right company.

Due to the bountiful number of cars in the world, there are readily available jobs for people who want to make a living in the automobile industry. Making a living in vehicle maintenance is easy. You can become a vehicle mechanic or auto maintenance technician, even without a degree. Auto maintenance is essential to owning a vehicle, and unfortunately, car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Therefore, it only makes sense to combine the two professions of a car accident lawyer and an auto maintenance technician. This way, while auto mechanics handle regular vehicle maintenance, they can also provide referrals and guidance in a serious car accident. Plus, many people will feel more confident and satisfied knowing that their car maintenance provider also has connections with a trustworthy lawyer should they incur any damages or require other legal support in an automobile-related incident. By partnering with a car accident attorney, auto repair businesses can reach even more potential customers and become even more successful.

Below are the steps required to kickstart a career in vehicle maintenance:

Get Trained

You only need a little education to get into car maintenance. You can get trained in a vocational school and do a certificate course. You can also opt for a one-on-one apprenticeship.

Consider getting trained in a vocational institute, as the certificate is more likely to be recognized. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn from different teachers. Furthermore, you may not need to get certified differently as the certificate you obtain from the school can work anywhere. However, vocational schools may be more expensive. Also, you most likely won’t have a personalized learning experience.

Apprenticeship, however, will allow you to gain one-on-one experience. It is also more likely to be faster and more cost-effective. However, you only get to learn from an instructor. Also, you may have to write a separate examination to get a certificate that you can use to apply for jobs.

Gain Work Experience

Work experience is paramount to any career, and it is not different in the automobile industry. Your job is based on skills; the more you do it, the better you get. You can start getting your hands on practical work right from training. Opt for internships and offer to help family members and friends service their vehicles at a discounted rate to gain experience.

Become Certified

Certification is proof of your expertise. It boosts your value and increases your worth. It also helps clients trust you. Therefore, getting certified as an auto maintenance engineer is essential.

Your vocational school certificate can work well. However, consider other certificates. Some of the certifications for auto maintenance technicians are:

  • Certified Maintenance Manager
  • EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certification
  • Mechanical Inspector Certification

Join a Trade Union

Another smart move to kickstart your journey and even thrive as a vehicle maintenance specialist is to join a trade union around you. Doing this helps you network with people and keeps you abreast of what’s happening in the industry.


Vehicle maintenance is a huge part of using a vehicle. Not only does it fix, but it also diagnoses and prevents problems. Many people need professionals to help them maintain their cars. And it does not take much to become such a professional. That is why you should consider becoming one if you are interested in cars. Follow this article, and you can rest assured of getting things right throughout your journey.