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Why Auto Dealers Should Make Cyber Security a Priority

Automotive industries are susceptible to cyberattacks just like any other industry. That is because there is valuable data in these dealerships. Reports of cyber security threats in dealerships like phishing, spam, ransomware, etc. are rampant.


Automotive industries are susceptible to cyberattacks just like any other industry. That is because there is valuable data in these dealerships. Reports of cyber security threats in dealerships like phishing, spam, ransomware, etc. are rampant.

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This article discusses why auto dealers should make cyber security a priority.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the application of technology and controls to protect information systems, devices, and networks from cyber attacks. Cyber security reduces and mitigates cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks can cause loss of valuable information and sensitive data like the price report on automobiles. It can also cause breaches in computer networks which paralyzes the systems and makes information unavailable. These are just a few of the reasons why cyber security is an essential part of every industry today.

Cyber security as a measure involves integrating security steps to minimize the risks of these cyber threats. For example, one effective cyber security measure is applying a Blazing SEO residential proxy. Residential proxies give the user a different location thus concealing the identity. This gives an extra layer of protection to organizations such as auto dealers.

To know more about cyber security, let us dive into the different types of threats one might encounter.

Forms of Cyber Security Threats

1. Phishing

Phishing occurs when the attacker disguises himself as another person to obtain information from an individual. For example, a mail asking for a form to be filled, which contains sensitive inputs like credit card numbers, PINs, passwords, etc.

2. Ransomware

This is a form of cyberattack that requires that an individual pay a certain amount of money to have access to his or her files. It locks down files, data, or systems and threatens to erase or destroy data, leaving the individual with no choice but to pay the required money.

3. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

These are attacks that bombard or overload systems with traffic so that networks are overwhelmed and shut down. An automobile company was targeted by a DDoS attack from an activists group that overwhelmed the web servers. This led to a huge loss in the auto dealership services.

4. Man in the Middle Attacks

These are attacks that occur as a result of cybercriminals intercepting messages between guest devices and networks.

Making Cyber Security a Priority

Cyber security provides some benefits to auto dealers which makes it a priority for auto dealers. These benefits are discussed below.

1. It Protects Client Data

Auto dealers need to use cyber security techniques to secure the large amount of client data stored in databases. These are sets of confidential data on personal information including bank credit card details, driving licenses, passports, home addresses, and emails.

Cybercriminals focus on making profits from this data and compromising the integrity of the data causing downtime and loss of revenue. Auto dealers need to implement cyber security best practices like the use of anti-virus software, firewalls, updating the system regularly, and using strong passwords to protect clients’ data.

2. Helps to Protect the Auto Dealers Brand Image

Auto dealers need to make cyber security a priority because cyber security helps protect the auto dealer's brand image. Brand protection involves the mitigation of external threats that target the brand such as impersonation of websites and look-alike domains. It is important to have security mechanisms in place to handle these abuses. Cyber-security best practices like the use of firewalls, network monitoring tools, and password management can be used to protect the auto-dealers brand image.

3. Cyber Security Guarantees Automobile Software Protection

Another reason why auto dealers need to make cyber security a priority is because cyber security guarantees automobile software protection. Automotive embedded software such as car software allows clients to see important and valuable insights into driver behavior and vehicle performance. It also allows for software development and helps to predict maintenance needs and also avoid car crashes. Auto dealers need to make sure that the embedded software in cars is well monitored and secured. Cyber security helps to ensure that anti-virus software is installed in the car software.

4. It Protects Auto Dealers Communication

Cyber security is needed by auto dealers to ensure safe communication. Communication is very important in making an auto dealership a success. Good communication is important for dealerships to build team unity and trust.

To achieve this good communication it is important to protect communication from interceptors who will try to infiltrate this and leak it out or use it to illegally access auto dealer’s data. Cyber security helps encrypt data in transit during communication.

5. Protect Car Dealership Assets

Cyber security is needed by auto dealers to help secure automotive valuable items that criminals try to access. Some of these assets are the cars in the showroom, tools, and equipment in the garage and warehouse, and phones and computers that employees use.

These assets add up in value and are very attractive to cybercriminals. Cyber security provides firewalls and anti-virus software that can be installed on assets like phones and computers, also security cameras can be used to monitor the tools, showrooms, and equipment. Vehicle cameras can also be installed with sensors to trigger the alarms if there is a break-in.

6. Prevent Disruption of Operational Activities

Auto dealers need to make cyber security a priority because phishing and ransomware attacks can cause disruption of operational activities, loss of intellectual property and money. Cyber security also provides anti-phishing software which identifies malicious messages and empowers users to blacklist such messages.

7. Provides Cyber Awareness to Auto Dealers

Another reason why auto dealers should make cyber security a priority is because cyber security ensures that cyber awareness programs are introduced to auto dealers. Cyber security awareness involves doing activities that help to protect business information assets. Being security aware allows understanding the various cyber threats that can impact the auto dealers’ business and taking steps to reduce the risk and avoid infiltrating the auto dealers' business.

Best Cyber Security practices for auto dealers

  • Avoid opening suspicious emails: Employees in auto dealerships should avoid opening emails from unknown sources, and also clicking or downloading the mail attachments.
  • Use antivirus and antimalware: Antivirus software like Microsoft defenders should be used on I.T systems in auto dealership organizations.
  • Use of VPNs, firewalls, and proxies when necessary: Virtual private networks (VPN) are used to hide the organizations' internal networks from attackers, proxies that provide gateways between users and the internet, thereby preventing cyber attackers from the private network, a well-known proxy is Blazing SEO residential proxy. Firewalls also block unwanted traffic.
  • Better passwords and two-factor authentication, which add another security layer or passwords on top of existing ones.
  • Educate employees on cyber awareness frequently, a seminar can be conducted at the end of every weekday.
  • Provide cyber insurance and have a response plan. Cyber insurance pays for any successful cyberattacks and a response plan contains an adequate response to threats.


Auto dealers must apply different cyber security techniques to guard their I.T systems from cyberattacks. Cyber security is, therefore, an utmost priority for auto dealers because it enables the setup of strong defenses which prevent security breaches and loss of important business information.